By Gareth Andrews



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An article by Wendy Squires that appeared in The Age recently is part of a movement that disrupts the stigma around mental health.

Squires spoke about the key aspects that have helped her out when she was feeling life had taken her back to dark places she had been in before. She talked about the lessons she has learnt to get herself out of the mire.

This falls in line with Life Again’s philosophy when people struggle in mid-life with life’s increasing challenges.

One of the important ways of overcoming this period is to becoming more self-aware and learning the ways of handling the ‘funk.’

At Life Again, we use the phrase “Feeling Shithouse” for people to open up a dialogue with themselves and others.

Wendy Squires had some key observations which are simple and practical to get herself back on track and we felt inspired to come up with our own.

Here are our top 5 practical actions when you’re down and out:

1. Limit drinking

When you’re heading deeper into a funk, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and flat. And alcohol has that effect of exacerbating your state of mind, emotions and perspective. So when you’re feeling sh#thouse, leave it out.

2. Prioritise sleep

Sleep is such an underrated tool in feeling optimal mentally. Giving yourself the right amount of shut eye a night will allow you to feel more clear, calm and in control of your decisions and thought processes and grounded.

3. Focus on Good, Quality Food

With what we now know about the gut-brain connection, what we eat directly influences your mood and state of mind. Fuelling yourself with healthy food like lean protein, veggies and fruit will give your body the right nutrients so your brain and body can function.

4. Connect With Others

It’s usually the case, when you’re feeling sh#thouse, you don’t want to reach out to anyone or feel like you’re burdening your friends or family. But did you know it’s the most critical time to connect with others, whether that’s with family, friends, your local community or nature.5. Give Back

Giving back is part of our three pillared approach and an evidence based way to get yourself out of a funk quickly. You can use platforms like Becollective which finds current opportunities to give back and tracks your hours of doing good.

It’s never too late to pull yourself out of a funk when you’re having trouble grappling with life.


Author’s Bio
Gareth Andrews – Founder and Director of Life Again, a registered Not for Profit charity that educates and helps men to change and lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives. Through writing, public speaking, taking men to the Outback and working with Aboriginals, workshops and personally challenging men.