Eastern Maar, Victoria – On Country Experience

Life Again understands the importance of supporting the development of healthy, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous men living in our own backyard. With a view to building and developing the relationships established with traditional owners in Central Australia in 2012, Life Again is actively seeking a partnership with the Eastern Maar Corporation easternmaar.com.au to support the mental health of men in this community and those who participate in our programs. 

This program is currently being co-designed with the Eastern Maar Traditional Owner Corporation, with Life Again facilitating a mentoring program for emerging Eastern Marr male leaders. It is Life Again’s intention that Eastern Marr people will be employed to provide On Country experiential learning programs to non-Indigenous men as well as supplying facilities of accommodation, food, guest speakers and presenters.

Validated by Positive Psychology evidence-based best practice and thought leaders in the space, the program facilitates learning about Aboriginal art and culture, while creating an environment in which participants ‘face the past’ in a powerful and constructive way. 

Participants develop mentoring relationships, listen in storytelling circles around a fire under the stars, learn of spiritual connection with the land, learn bush medicine, enjoy bush tucker and come to understand more about the Dreamtime. Sacred sites are visited and their significance is authentically explained.  

Positive Mental Health psychometrics will be measured and reported to communicate ROI for organisations, to determine efficacy and to strengthen Life Again’s value proposition.


Total duration: 3 days
Delivery method: Face-to-face, Experiential

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