While are are now more digitally connected than ever in Covid-normal, we are not nearly as engaged.

Life Again has partnered with Be Collective as a digital gateway to helping our community and realising positive social impact. Find local volunteer opportunities, join groups, connect with causes you care about, run events, manage people and engage new audiences.


End-to-end volunteer management

Rewards and certificates

Dynamic community impact reporting


Including recruitment, rostering and scheduling tools, a members database, smart lists and the ability to replicate hierarchies.

Reward volunteers with social credits and certificates in recognition of their volunteering.

Our customisable social impact reporting will help you to track engagement, impact, and social value.

The ultimate ‘share’ tool – will enable you to publicly partner with other organisations such as Life Again, support and promote opportunities/projects/events and mobilise volunteers to help.


Search and discover volunteering roles in your community.

Apply directly to organisations and opportunities, join groups and causes you care about.

Customise your profile based on interests and skills, and meet others with shared passions.

Build pathways to employment via a fully verified social record and CV.

Ready to get started? Connect with us today via the Life Again Be Collective group.

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