In 2012, Gareth Andrews founded Life Again.

To the outside world, Gareth Andrews appeared to have all the trappings of success. However, his internal struggles had had an enormous effect on his career, but on his family, his friends, and the people around him.

At the age of 55, Gareth was diagnosed with clinical depression. He came to realise, however, that he was not alone – a realisation that inspired Gareth to begin publicly sharing his story and working with corporations and to take his message to Australia to support others.

In 2020 Nick Columb was appointed as Director of Positive Health Programs. As counsellor, psychotherapist and men’s health practitioner, Nick has supported Life Again’s transition to prevention focussed program delivery founded in evidence-based positive psychology.

Never has Life Again been more relevant and we are as dedicated as ever to seeing a mentally healthy and culturally thriving Australia into the future.

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