Preventative Mental Health, Cultural Competency & On Country Experience

This 6 week program combines our Preventative Mental Health Workshop Series and our ‘On Country Experience’ – trips to
Eastern Maar Victoria
or Central Australia Outback. The courses are also delivered with the assistance of the Koorie Heritage Trust.

As unique as it is powerful, this program is designed to combine our Positive Mental Health (PMH) objectives with our Indigenous/Non-indigenous Connection and ‘Closing the Gap’ objectives.  Validated by Positive Psychology evidence based best-practice and thought leaders in the space, the program has been co-created with respected Indigenous leaders of the communities we work with. 

An immersive experience, the trip will inspire personal change within both non-indigenous and Indigenous men, while developing fertile ground for ongoing sustainable connection and reconciliation between Indigenous and white Australia. 

In order to deliver Positive Mental Health outcomes for all involved, programming has been  co-created in close partnerships with Elders and leaders of Aboriginal communities. Outcomes for Aboriginal communities will be measured and reported in order to ensure mutual benefits, maximum efficacy and continuous improvement. Likewise, ROI for donors, sponsor and grant providers will be measured and reported.


Total duration: 6 weeks
Delivery method: Online, Face-to-face, Experiential


The Power of Connection - Connecting with Anyone

When it comes to our wellbeing, other people matter; learn the power of authentic and meaningful connection. Founded on an evidence-based ‘Positive Psychology’ framework.

Partner Organisation: The Wellbeing Lab
Delivery: Online
Duration: 2 hours
Pillar/s: Connection, Storytelling, Giving Back


Aboriginal Cultural Competency & Building Aboriginal Cultural Safety in the Workplace for Organisations

Develop awareness of the strengths of Aboriginal culture, identity and people and assist in making the connection and understanding the impact of colonisation and past policy for Aboriginal people today. 

Partner Organisation: Koorie Heritage Trust (Indigenous organisation)
Delivery: Online
Duration: 3 hours
Pillar/s: Connection, Storytelling, Giving Back


Building Psychological Safety

Create safety in your connections and learn how to communicate honestly, openly and compassionately with each other about even the most difficult topics.

Partner Organisation: The Wellbeing Lab
Delivery: Online
Duration: 2 hours
Pillar/s: Connection, Storytelling, Giving Back


Storytelling Workshop

Become an intentional Storyteller in your life, your projects and your workplace. Through our guidance you will be provided with a personalised experience; developing skills and understanding for how to build trust, connection, understanding and respect with all peoples.

Partner Organisation: YARN Australia (Indigenous organisation)
Delivery: Online
Duration: 2 hours
Pillar/s: Connection, Storytelling, Giving Back


Sustained Positive Change & Closing The Gap – Giving Back/Volunteering And Building a Mentor Relationship Community Engagement and Mentoring Pathways Workshop

Training session Presentation of volunteering/contribution opportunities – Give Back & Get Involved – connecting men with opportunities to support the Eastern Maar community 

Partner Organisation: Life Again / Easter Maar Corp / Mentoring Men
Delivery: Online
Duration: 1.5 hours
Pillar/s: Connection, Storytelling, Giving Back


Ongoing Community Engagement programmes

Enrol and engage participants in ongoing programmes to support sustained positive outcomes in the mental health of participants (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) and Aboriginal community Including (but not limited to):

  • Volunteering with Aboriginal organisation identified programs (through Be Collective)Cross cultural knowledge exchange and emotional support through a structured Indigenous and non-Indigenous mentoring program
  • Identify and facilitate employment pathways for indigenous men
  • Ongoing Indigenous-led community engagement to support ‘Closing the Gap’ initiatives and promote connections

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