If we want to affect change - we must seek to understand first and foremost.

Traditional Owner and artist Naomi (Rose) Litster has created a stunning design which depicts ‘‘Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people walking together towards a common goal.’’

By purchasing a beanie, posting socially to your broader community and starting a conversation with your community you will help share the message of No Change Without Understanding.


“Black and red dots in the centre representing the gathering of people coming together. The white and yellow dots representing the long journey towards healing. The black and white feet representing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people walking together towards a common goal.I hope you like it”– Naomi (Rose) Litster

This artwork is unique to the ‘No Change Without Understanding’ beanie project and youcan be proud knowing you are not only wearing a unique design,but supporting the community and giving back.

It has been identified that positive emotion is a key outcome of creating psychologically safe workplaces, cross-Cultural engagement and Cultural awareness for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians – through our work we bring our vision of a “a mentally healthy and Culturally thriving Australia” to life.