Creating a Mentally Healthy and Culturally Thriving Australia.

Transforming Lives and Workplaces through Mental Wellness Initiatives.


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Supporting Organisations and Individuals Towards Positive Mental Health Outcomes.

Our unique programs are Prevention-focussed Mental Health initiatives, providing comprehensive solutions for organisations and individuals to achieve and maintain positive mental health.

Workplace Mental Health Diagnostic and Action Plan

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Prevention-focused Mental Health Workshops & Training

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3-Day Victorian Aboriginal On Country Cultural Immersion

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6-day Central Australian Aboriginal On Country Immersion

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Australian Businesses Lose Millions to Mental Health Issues.

Unlock the Power of Mental Wellness in your Workplace. Discover the strategies that have been transforming Australian businesses, saving them millions by improving mental wellness in the workplace. We’ve cracked the code to boost productivity, morale, and staff retention!”

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Don't Let Untapped Potential Cost Your Business: Discover the Benefits of Mental Wellness Today.


    Pioneering Positive Mental Health Programs for a Thriving Australia.

    Life Again is a recognised social enterprise with DGR status, aiming to deliver positive mental health outcomes. Originally focused on midlife mental health support for men, we now offer prevention-focused programs for organisations, individuals (men and women), and communities.

    Our commercial activities, including workplace mental health and cultural education, generate profits that primarily fund Indigenous-led mental health initiatives in Aboriginal communities. By fostering positive emotions, safe workplaces, and cross-cultural engagement, we work towards creating a mentally healthy and culturally thriving Australia.


    Delivering Innovative Programs Rooted in Positive Psychology.

    We take a preventative approach to Mental Health, delivering state-of-the-art programs grounded in evidence-based positive psychology. We adhere to best-practice frameworks and guidelines set by regulators including WorkSafe Victoria’s WorkWell Program, Safe Work Australia, and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

    We actively collaborate with partner organisations. Our philosophy centers around ‘No Change Without Understanding’ and an unwavering pursuit of growth. We embrace new ways of learning and being, understanding that our ability to evolve is of paramount importance.

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    No Change Without Understanding

    To drive change effectively, it is imperative to prioritise understanding above all else. This entails establishing meaningful and authentic relationships with ourselves and others. Our commitment to the guiding principles of No Change Without Understanding™ began with our indigenous programs, fostering connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals, their cultures, Country, history, and traditional practices.

    The ethos of No Change Without Understanding™ has now evolved to become the fundamental philosophy and guiding principle of Life Again. We embrace this principle wholeheartedly in our delivery of preventative mental health initiatives, recognising its significance in creating lasting positive impact.

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    Key Partnerships


    Hear It From Our Clients and Program Participants.

    “We’re very appreciative of Nick’s presentation on preventative mental health, which felt topical and much needed in an ever-changing landscape. It was relevant to every individual, regardless of where they are in life’s journey. For us, creating a psychologically safe workplace is of the upmost importance and Nick’s presentation created a space for our team to comfortably share and encouraged them to continue these important conversations.”

    Madeline Maurici
    Morrows - People and Culture

    The CVS Lane Capital Partners team was privileged to recently spend a several days working with representatives from Life Again. Program Director, Nick Columb emphasised the importance of “bringing your whole self to work” and how that contributes to greater effectiveness and productivity at work as well as creating a happier and healthier workplace. It was a unique and entirely new experience for our entire team and one that provided plenty of perspective and food for thought. Thanks to Nick, John, Ken, their families and the Life Again team for working with us.

    Lee Centra
    CVS Lane Capital Partners - CEO

    A few days with others listening and discussing with traditional owners on their land enlightened me. I appreciate better the importance of land culture and language. It also gave me a better appreciation of the challenges faced. Meeting Johnny Liddle and some of his extended family was a real treat.

    Leigh Clifford AO Former CEO, Rio Tinto & Chairman, QANTAS

    “Go traffic is very grateful and appreciative of Nick Columb, Life again Program Director, for sharing his guidance, life experiences, expertise, and wealth of knowledge in mental health and for helping us to develop an industry first Mental Health Action Plan for our valued workers in our traffic management operations in Victoria and NSW.
    With Life Again’s valuable guidance, we have uplifted our ability to provide a mentally healthy workplace guided by our Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy. This policy helps us to create a supportive, responsive, and productive working environment that benefits all employees, where everyone feels supported by the organisation and leadership team to be open and safe, and to have authentic discussions about their mental health and wellbeing. Thanks, Nick, for your ongoing support.”

    Ron Wagener

    Go Traffic - Operations Manager

    Acknowledgement of Country

    We acknowledge all First Peoples of this land, their stories, traditions and living cultures. We deeply respect their intimate bond with nature, spirit and story and we must try harder to listen, for we have much to learn.

    At Life Again, we live, work, and walk today on Country cared for and protected by First Peoples since time immemorial, for which we are grateful. Sovereignty was never ceded and we are committed to creating a brighter future, together.

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