When we connect with ourselves, we gain more understanding of how and why to connect with others.

When we authentically connect with others in a meaningful way, we can regulate our emotions, maintain self-esteem and genuine empathy – all leading to a greater depth and experience of positive emotion.

When we connect with nature, we open our senses and begin to understand our place within something far greater, giving us a deeper sense meaning and purpose.

Connection paves the way for a spiritually richer and more deeply rewarding life.


When we share stories authentically, we connect as our true selves.

We build bridges for connection and breach the divide between age, cultures, religions, beliefs, and legends. We have learned that each story told reveals that we share a common reality – and the recognition of that reality builds bonds that give us strength.

When we share story, we gain a greater understanding of shared truths and vulnerabilities – bonds of emotion and thought that stretch across generations and cultures.


Giving back has been found to generate a meaningful sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Contributing meaningfully gives us a greater sense of identity, self-confidence, and connectedness.

We come to understand the meaning of gratitude more deeply – an understanding that begets and fosters a stronger and more lasting state of wellbeing.

At Life Again, we bring life to the concepts of volunteering, of sharing knowledge, resources, skills, and time to tangible effect.

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