Life Again is a social enterprise with DGR status recognised by The Australian Charities andNot-for profits Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Founded in 2012, Life Again has traditionally supported men through midlife mental health challenges. The Foundation has now evolved to deliver sustained positive mental health outcomes to organisations, individuals (men and women) and communities through meaningful prevention-focussed positive mental health programs.

Commercial programs include workplace mental health, cultural education/immersion complimented by meaningful giving back opportunities.

Profits generated from commercial activities are principally used to fund Indigenous-led prevention-focused mental health initiatives and programs within Aboriginal communities.

It has been identified that positive emotion is a key outcome of creating psychologically safe workplaces, cross-Cultural engagement and Cultural awareness for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians – through our work we bring our vision of a “a mentally healthy and Culturally thriving Australia” to life.



Life Again has formalised strategic partnerships with several key organisations.Our diverse range of partners all meet our partnership criteria, offering significant value to our service offering.

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28 Thistlewaite St
South Melbourne 3205