Central Australia Aboriginal Cultural Immersion & Service Learning Program

This program is an experiential exercise in two-way learning designed to create positive outcomes for both students and Aboriginal communities, reciprocity is key to the success of this programs.

We work closely with Traditional Owners, respected Elders, and Aboriginal communities to provide an opportunity to learn, understand, reflect, and consider alternative ways of being.
Key learning intentions include:
• Cultural understanding, awareness, competency, and safety
• Connection and relationship to self, others, Country, and place – belonging and identity
• Community engagement and contribution – Giving Back
• Language, Songlines and Story – the power of Storytelling
• Self-determination & Equal opportunity
• Learning about shared histories
• Self-reflection
• Truth Telling


Total duration: 7 days
Delivery method: Face-to-face, Experiential


A rich Aboriginal Cultural immersion amidst some of the Northern Territory’s most iconic locations.

Guests will journey deep into the rich history of the world’s oldest living civilisation, learning the wisdom and history firsthand from Elders, Traditional Owners, and the local community.

Learning the ways and stories of the Ancestors and more recent history from respected Elders who have lived experience of what it means to be an Aboriginal connected to Country and Culture in post-colonialism Australia.

A privilege that most non-Indigenous Australians will never experience.


Our immersive trips cover lots of great places of both cultural and historical significance.

• Ancient Rock Art Sites
• Time spent ‘On-Country’ with Traditional Owners
• Aboriginal Community Connection and Engagement
• Traditional Hunting, Food Gathering and Bush Medicine
• ‘Off The Beaten Track’ on Awe-inspiring Country
• Aboriginal Art Workshop
• Uluru
• Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)
• King’s Canyon
• Ormiston Gorge
• Finke River
• Hermannsburg
• Anzac Hill

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