Gareth Andrews has lived an exceptional life of success in the world of sport as a premiership footballer, in business and as vice president of the successful Geelong Football Club. Even so, he has battled Clinical Depression throughout his adult life.

That battle, of course, is never really ‘won’ but it can be met with optimism when one understands, as Gareth came to learn, that it is simply normal to have periods of feeling ‘down’ throughout ones personal life and career.

Through compelling and authentic stories from his sporting, business and personal life, Gareth takes audiences on a journey of understanding  – understanding and accepting that men experience periods of profound unhappiness, unfulfillment and loneliness during critical periods of their lives.

Revisiting his own life’s highs and lows, he shares how pitfalls can be dealt with and lead to better performance in men’s personal, business, family and community lives. His commanding presence as an outstanding Keynote and After Dinner Speaker inspires men to change their lives for the better –  and help the women who love them to better understand their partners and husbands.

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