Life Again supports organisations with delivering RAP activities and meaningful engagement programs. We support businesses with a genuine desire to develop and/or meaningfully deliver their RAPs.

As a non-Indigenous organisation we facilitate RAP activities that are led and delivered by Indigenous communities and organisations. 

We work within the Reconciliation Australia framework (promoting improved outcomes for Indigenous Australia through corporation level RAP) to deliver on Life Again’s ‘No Change Without Understanding’ philosophy. 

By facilitating engagements between Indigenous communities/organisation and non-Indigenous organisations, Life Again plays a key role in improving RAP activities by facilitating connections between corporate partners and Indigenous communities we are closely connected with.

 The guiding principle of Life Again and our work with first peoples – ‘No Change Without Understanding’ – indicates that national policy objectives in Indigenous affairs, including Closing the Gap and Reconciliation, will not be achieved by Australian government alone.  Instead, achievement of these objectives must start with work at grass-roots level between Indigenous and non-Indigenous community-based organisations. 

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