Victorian Aboriginal On Country Cultural Immersion

A rich, dynamic and vibrant Aboriginal Cultural experience amongst the beautiful volcanic landscape of Western Victoria.

This experience will be a powerfully crafted and unique experience that takes place across the dynamic Gunditjmara landscape which is abound with lava flows, wetlands, craters, maars, crags and forests.

As a non-Indigenous organisation committed to fulfilling our vision of a mentally healthy and culturally thriving Australia, we believe that national policy objectives in Indigenous affairs, including Reconciliation and Closing the Gap, will not be achieved by the Australian government alone. Rather, meaningful and authentic engagement at grass-roots level between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations is required as the catalyst for change.

Life Again’s guiding principle is ‘No Change Without Understanding’, which indicates that if we want to affect change – we must seek to understand first and foremost, and to do this we must come into a meaningful and authentic relationship with ourselves and others.


Total duration: 4 days
Delivery method: Face-to-face, Experiential

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