Find the gift in every storm.

By Anthony Chiminello


At the age of 29, I was convinced I had it all.I was a director of an international property company, had a six figure salary, mixed with prominent business identities and bought my second home.However, the trappings of material success soon wore off and my high flying corporate life felt meaningless, empty and boring. The challenges that followed became gifts in disguise that positively shaped my life forever.After overcoming my fear of the future, I finally gained the courage to follow my gut and resigned from the company. I then decided to work for a charity on a voluntary basis for 3 years which was a significant chapter in my life’s journey. From this experience, I quickly learnt to dismantle any inflated sense of self-importance and created an equal connection with all people based on a foundation of humility,trust and genuine care.The charitable path also helped me develop creative and collaborative skills and to work sustainably with minimal resources. As I became more self-sufficient, I then gained the confidence to subsequently set up my own international property company.I was now the master of my own destiny – or at least I thought I was !My new venture was progressing very well until I woke up in the early hours of one morning and felt an overwhelming sense of confusion, heaviness, and fear. This experience could best be described like falling down a deep dark crevice with no way out!!From a state of normality, I began to experience a state of mental anguish which progressively led to panic attacks, insomnia, abdominal pains, and isolation. This nightmare continued for a period of about 12 months during which time I underwent numerous therapies and was administered a cocktail of drugs by various psychiatrists.

One day, I finally came to the realisation that I knew myself better than anyone else so I eventually stopped relying on other people’s opinions and took responsibility for my own journey back to healthThe next few months gave me an opportunity to embark on a routine to holistically nurture my mind, body, and emotions like never before.Part of my road to recovery included changing my negative perceptions by being grateful for all the good things in my life and nourishing my body through regular exercise and a good diet. Long periods of solitude also gave me the inspiration to commence writing poetry which assisted in releasing and healing hidden emotions.With the support of family and friends, I gradually healed myself and emerged with a totally new perspective and invaluable qualities that have enhanced my life.I now look back and see how my business and life have been positively influenced through the storms of the past. My writing skills led me to publish two poetry books which included children’s illustrations from Asia and Australia to promote greater cultural harmony. I recently coordinated a health and well-being festival in the Philippines and continue to run regular breakfast forums to promote work-life balance.I urge you to reflect and find the gift in every storm of your life which can become stepping stones to a more balanced and fulfilled human experience.


Author’s Bio

Anthony Chiminello is the Director of Bridgeworld Intentional Pty Ltd, an international property consultancy. He is also the Founder of Cultural Harmony Now, an organization that creates cross – cultural projects and partnerships between Australia and Asia for social and economic benefit. He is the coordinator of Insight Management Forum (IMF), a Melbourne based initiative featuring leading speakers who share personal stories & life experiences for greater work life balance.

He is an author, mentor and consults for many international corporations.